Still have questions? Feel free to contact me.

How do I pay for my translation?

Great question! I can give you a quote in SEK, EUR, USD or GBP and I expect you to pay my invoice in the quoted currency. Payment can be done directly from the e-mail invoice with PayPal or Skrill. Or you can pay by wire transfer to my Swedish or my international bank account, whatever works best for you.

Please note that Swedish companies are obligated to pay by wire transfer (PG/BG) with Swedish VAT added to the invoice.

How much do you charge?

All projects differ. I will provide you with a solution tailored to your exact needs. Therefore quotes vary. My quotations take into account the nature of the service, the level of complexity, the format, the subject matter, the scope of the project and the urgency.

To give you an exact quote I will require detailed information about your project.

For larger projects I may ask you to fill in a questionnaire.

In marketing translation and transcreation it is essential that the writer-translator is familiar with the history and the voice of the brand and fully understands the aim of the copy. When I work with advertising transcreation projects, I prefer to have access to the original brief.

Are you a person or a company?

The answer is: both! Antonell is my surname and Antonell Media is my trade name. I am a sole trader, the most common type of company among creative freelancers in Sweden, also known as sole proprietorship (or enskild firma in Swedish).

This is a limited company in Sweden, with only one shareholder - me.

I do all the work and never outsource anything without your permission.

How about security?

Glad you asked! Security is very important to me. I always treat client files and information as highly confidential and am happy to sign your NDA, or provide you with one, if needed.

For a complete list of practices relating to confidentiality and data security,

please visit my translator’s profile on ProZ.com and read my Security Pro Card.

I have endorsed PRoz.com professional guidelines for translators.

And this is my privacy policy.

Do you use CAT-tools?

Yes, I do. Let’s stop for some quick info for non-translators: A CAT-tool is software that assists the human translator in translating text documents more consistently and more efficiently by segmenting the text and saving words in Translation Memories.

This approach saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

I use the following CATs: Lilt, Memsource Cloud and SmartCat. And I often collaborate with clients on their own interfaces or on online translator platforms of their choice.

I like tech and I am a fast learner!

However, if you do not want me to use a CAT-tool for your project, that is completely acceptable. You can view my security practices on my Proz.com Security Pro Card.

Can I have my translation today?

Unfortunately not. I deliver high quality work and my fastest turnaround time for small projects is 24 hours. I am happy to refer you to a colleague or an agency that can help you with your urgent linguistic needs.

This all sounds great. Are you available?

I sure hope so! How can I help you?

Feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP. Please remember that we may be in different time zones.

Need a swifter response regarding my availability in the days ahead?

Check my availability in my Proz.com calendar. I try to keep it up to date. Thanks!

Supported file formats?

I work with a lot of formats for desktop publishing, text, and of course translation/localization software, translation memories and termbases. Here goes; Microsoft Office, Open Office Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, XML, HTML, PHP, Strings, MarkDown, SubRip, Java properties, JSON, Windows installer XML,.NET, resources, Skype language filers, DITA, Memsource/MemoQ XLIFF, Translation Memory eXchange...and...now...I...need...to take a breath. Feel free to contact me for a complete list of supported file extensions.