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A selection of my work over the past year. Brands and company names have been left out due to signed non-disclosure agreements. For more information about my standard security practices, please read my privacy policy.


  • Brand assets transcreation. Fintech company.

  • Cultural consultation. Medtech company.

  • Compliance training. E-leaning modules. Translation.


  • Luxury perfumes. SEM/Website. Transcreation.

  • Tagline transcreation. Fintech company.

  • Anti-bribery policy. E-learning modules. Translation.

  • Home office furniture. E-commerce translation.

  • Whistleblowing policy. E-learning modules. Translation.

  • Functional clothing. E-commerce translation.

  • Customer support E-learning modules. Translation.

  • Product names for pharmaceutical company. Review.

  • GPS-navigation app. Social media campaign.

  • Ad campaign for cruise line, transcreation.

  • Garden tools. E-commerce translation.

  • App Store Descriptions, social simulation games, transcreation.

  • Cyber security framework. Translation.

  • Wallpaper for children/nursery rooms. Digital marketing campaign.

  • Danish Craft Beer, blog post transcreation.

  • Sanity ware, website translation.

  • Code of Conduct Training. E-learning modules. Translation.

  • Watches & Jewellery. Print/web campaign. Transcreation.

  • OLED gaming monitors. Product page translation.

  • Environmentally sustainable construction. Blog post transcreation.

  • EU Tyre Labelling Regulation. Information sheet. Translation.

  • Outdoor furniture. E-commerce translation.

  • Compliance E-learning modules. Translation.

  • Product names for personal care company. Transcreation.

  • Customer support articles. Wearables. Translation.

  • Tableware in Scandinavian design. E-commerce translation.


  • Company presentation for engineering company. Translation.

  • FAQ, smartphones and tablets. Translation.

  • Social media campaign for sustainable clothing brand. Transcreation.

  • AI-powered appliances. Website translation.

  • Portable speakers. Website translation. 

  • GPS navigation app. Translation.

  • Digital signage system. Marketing translation

  • Environment calculations. Blog post transcreation.

  • Gifts for foodies. E-commerce translation.

  • Translation of video interview about an art exhibition.

  • Marketing campaign for non-alcoholic spirits. Transcreation.

  • Pet camera & monitor. Linguistic review.

  • Commercial solar panels. Marketing translation.

  • Skin care advice, beauty blog. Transcreation.

  • TV-commercial for Italian food company. Transcreation.

  • Press release for PE fund. Translation.

  • Case study, productivity software. Transcreation.

  • Website copy for global toy manufacturer. Transcreation.

  • Training materials for customer service agents. Translation.

  • Terms & conditions for dating app. Translation.

  • E-commerce translation: Low-carb products.

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