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I offer linguistic services that adapt and refine your market message

to appeal to the hearts and minds of Swedish audiences.

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Adapted words should be as effective at selling the product as the originals were. My process ensures that the translated text communicates effectively with a Swedish audience. The copy stays on brand but reads like native Swedish copy. 

Marketing copy is the voice of you brand. You know this - it’s why you have put in so much work to make the original copy elicit the exact emotional response you want your target audience to experience. 

Don’t settle for less when you launch in Sweden.

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Swedish marketing translator, transcreator and copywriter.

Transcreation, also known as creative translation, is the process of tailor-making marketing materials to appeal to the Swedes, while preserving the special stylistic features of the original copy.

When transcreating, I focus on brand values and tone of voice - not the actual words. However, the tone and feel of the original content remain the same in Swedish, and your message creates the same emotional response.

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Copy editing scissors

When you have an existing translation that needs to be... well, just better? Shorter? Maybe both? Give your Swedish marketing material some tough copywriting love to get it in shape. I can take your copy to the next creative level, improve accuracy, readability and make the text flow naturally. 

My editing process also ensures that your text is free of typos and other grammatical or syntactical errors and that it is compliant with your wishes regarding style and length.


I am a native speaker of your target language, living in the country where your translations will be used. I am happy to review your copy to ensure that it is accurate: grammatically and culturally.


My review also ensure that the

terminology is correct and that your instructions have been followed.


The result? A naturally sounding text. meeting the highest linguistic standards. 

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Swedish transcreator Kajsa Antonell
Recent work
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Hi, I am Kajsa, English to Swedish marketing translator,

copywriter, and creative translator. Native Swede, living in Sweden, passionate about the Swedish language!


I translate exclusively from English into Swedish and focus on marketing translations. Advertising copy is often based on culturally dependent elements such as idioms, rhyme, word play, and subtext. I like the creative, interpretive approach that is required for adapting texts to a unique Swedish cultural landscape. This is my forte.


Besides a diploma in copywriting, I also have a BA in Radio and used to be a radio host at Swedish Radio. I can talk for hours about Swedish and all its beautiful nuances.

Are you looking for a creative language partner and think that we would be a good match? Feel free to drop me a line or say hello through any of the social channels below.


All the best,

[Ki- zuh]


Advertising & PR

Sales copy

Voice-over copy


Editorial & Blogs


INDUSTRIES 2022/2023

Food & Drink

Consumer electronics

Beauty and Personal Care


Tourism & Travel

Furniture & Design



Phrase TMS

(Formerly Memsource)




kajsa [at] antonellmedia (dot) se

About me
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